Is it also a school of Rockism? There was always going to be that difficult moment in the film where Jack Black introduces the kids to his pride and joy, RAWK MUSIC. What music do the kids like already? Difficult moment.

Christina Aguleira? Bad moment, Jack makes a face.
Puff Daddy? Good call, everyone hates him.
Liza Minelli? Ah, its a gay joke. Phew we are back on track.

For a movie that should be all about why Rock music is better than all other forms of art ever (the critical rockist consensus after all), The School Of Rock is surprisingly tolerant of the rest of the world. What destroyed rock music? Why MTV of course. This argument is good, but since it is not expounded on we don’t get corollaries like rap music, or radio narrowcasting. Instead we get to see Jack Black making a tit of himself whilst playing the greatest air guitar album in the world. It even makes an interminable jam, the worst part of rock, look enjoyable as it plays under the credits. You’ll walk out with a stupid grin.