For my wedding present Mike Daddino very very kindly gave me a massive folder of CD-Rs, full of MP3s. Among them were every MP3 he’d managed to track down (as of 2001 or so) from the Appendices of Simon ReynoldsEnergy Flash. I’ve finally got round to listening to some of these discs, and the best way of my doing this is by copying chunks of them to my hard drive. So I’ve just put around 200 early techno, house, hardcore etc. MP3s there – and it so happens this hard drive is also accessible via soulseek. My name on Slsk is mymble2 – if you’re an NYLPM reader drop me a message and I’ll put you on my user list which might reduce queueing a little. There are also around 2000 other tracks on there, including all the No.1’s for Popular, but the Bluffers’ Guide to Dance Music stuff is all in the 80s Dance and 90s Dance folders. (Apologies for the total lack of sorting!). I’m likely to be deleting stuff fairly regularly though as I try and cope with all the rest of the stuff Mike gave me.

Oh, and Popnose should be back up tonight or tomorrow morning, too.