LCD SOUNDSYSTEM – “Yeah (Stupid Edit)”

It’s oh so gauche (and lazy) to review a record simply by listing other records, but, unless you’ve been living in the same “bunker of stale 1979 air” (pace Tom) they’ve been theiving from, the DFA just beg for it.

Really, this record is “only” the bassline from “Disco Inferno” (thanx Geeta), the vocal delivery from “Life During Wartime” (thanx Mitch), and the production of Vitalic’s “Poney” EP (thanx me). With maybe some New Horizon (the hollow beep-and-klang of their blodclaat house anthem “Slamdown”), Josh Wink (any time overdriven acid and snares are present it’s customary to tip yr hat), and Daft Punk (the sawn off thump of “Da Funk”…thanx Gygax).

But it’s groove is so unstoppable (hey, if you’ve gotta steal, right?), it’s flitting between moods so neurotic (play it on a loop and by the time it ends and begins again you’ll never guess it was the same song), it’s attention to period (be it 1979 or 2002) detal so exacting, and it’s energy so boundless, I can’t help but think it’s one of the best things I’ve heard all year. I can’t make out what the hell he’s talking about, and, for the first time in an LCD Soundsystem song, that doesn’t seem to matter. They’ve finally made a generational anthem that works solely for the sonics. The sonics. The sonics. The sonics.