Freaky Trigger will be running its (or in this case, my) Top 50 Tracks of 2003. Here are the ones that didn’t quite get in.

50 CENT — ‘In Da Club’ (you all know this); AVRIL LAVIGNE — ‘I’m With You’ (heroic return of the pop power ballad); CHINGY — ‘Right Thurr’ (lechery and laffs); ELEPHANT MAN — ‘Egyptian Dance’ (a belly dancer; a snake charmer); JAMMER — ‘Boys Luv Girlz’ (nagging gender-politics grime); JESSICA SIMPSON — ‘Sweetest Sin’ (scary insight into fundamentalist romance); JUNIOR BOYS — ‘Birthday’ (awkward but captivating synth-pop); JUST A MAN — ‘I’m Sorry’ (yearning Italian disco-pop); KELIS — ‘Milkshake’ (six months on I’m still not sure whether I like it!); KYLIE MINOGUE — ‘Slow’ (electro-smooch lustre diminished by rubbish album); LADY SAW — ‘Let’s Go Party’ (strident invite to dancehall fun); LIL JON AND THE EASTSIDE BOYS FEATURING THE YING YANG TWINS — ‘Get Low’ (wonder if it’ll cross over here?); RICHARD X – ‘Finest Dreams’ (more for the Human League really); SEEED — ‘What You Deserve Is What You Get’ (Deutsche-dancehall romp); SINEAD O CONNOR — ‘Chiquitita’ (hyper-intense version of ABBA classic); T LOVE — ‘Polish Boyfriend’ (soundtrack of my honeymoon by Polish Electric 6); TES — ‘New New York’ (indie-hopper rips off Blueprint with marvellous results).