HOW TO DO A TOP ALBUMS LIST: inspired by Pitchfork’s revision of its own Top 100 90s albums list (and don’t think I don’t sympathise with them).

1. Assemble ‘staff’.
2. Go to pub.
3. Drink a lot.
4. When all are drunk enough for their real actual tastes to emerge, start the count-up. Somebody names an album they think is great. This is #100. The next person names another. This is #99. Continue to #1. Make an asterix by any that spark off drunken argument and a double-star by any that get people singing. Keep drink coming throughout.
5. By the time you get to #1 only scientifically terrific albums will be being named. To increase the truth-value of the poll you could start the count at a lower number but you don’t want people getting too bored.
6. Publish poll, adjusting places by up 5 for an argument and up 10 for singing.
7. Bingo!