Club Freaky Trigger Christmas Party: Happy Wobs to all our readers. The Club Freaky Trigger Christmas Party will be on a MONDAY, to best show our committment to senseless Yuletide ruin (and the fact that we could get a venue, and the fact that nothing else ever happens on a Monday so you have no excuse but to come). It will be the usual mix of pop records, drinking, chatting and maybe some boozy shuffles across the dancefloor when the ordinary punters have gone home. I will be playing EITHER my Nuclear Armageddon setlist OR my Europop 2003 set depending on a) the international situation; b) your requests.

Anyway the details – Monday 8th December, Parker Place, Parker Street, London, near Holborn, records playing from 6.30 till whenever they let us, FREE ENTRY.

It’s probably the last time we’re going to be using Parker Place – it’s a wee bit big for us and it’s getting quite popular now – so if anyone has any other suggestions for a venue (central london, small, will let us not charge) please let us know by the ’email’ link below! Thanks!