The Thing about working nights is deciding which music to play, its all about keeping awake and keeping your customers interested…Some people do this by trying to play into their desire for cock rock and chart country. I do so by shocking them enough to say what the fuck but not enough to say fire my ass.

I start off with some synth pop to wake me up, Jarvis Cocker talking about stained raincoats, Momus singing orgasm addict, Jr/Sr telling me to shake my coconuts and some of the stately homos of England. As i get closer to the witching hour, a couple of mixed cds about death, murder and sex–classic country, so to speak. The further it gets into the night, the more i want to avoid dealing with drunks and assholes–to punish them for their idiocy, noise is produced–George Anthiel, John Cage, Metal Machine Music.

About two, when i am about to fall asleep, punk keeps me awake, and as the night winds down mopey english pop and folk work as lullaby–its only been a week but the system seems to work.