I was really excited when I noticed that the La Casa Azul songs on the Elefant Records compilation I’d pick up were new. They released a triumphant EP a couple of years ago, featuring bombastic indie pop that only Spanish bands can produce.

This song is, to use the lazy description ‘sunshine sixties pop’, which I always take to mean a sort of speeded Beach Boys where the sadness doesn’t filter through (Help Me Rhonda performed by the Chipmunks). To this we add some twee robotic vocals, plenty of ‘shoobie-do’s’ and ‘oh-we-oh’s’. The music is entirely upbeat and played at 90mph. The song is like those perfect summer days at the beach, which don’t really exist.

It’s great to listen to music where you can’t understand the words, and maybe this is all part of the appeal. I think if I could follow the words I wouldn’t like it so much, as maybe the song is about something completely different to what it sound likes, or features horribly clich’d lyrics occasionally associated with indie pop.