FAST FOOD ROCKERS – “Say Cheese (Smile Please)” A quick warning entry to alert you to the year’s least necessary release – Fast Food Rockers follow-up single. Several focus group participants muttered darkly that FFR were planning to ‘do a Steps’ and so it has proved. Except I knew Steps and you, Sir, are no Steps. The Fast Food Rockers use a niggling Eurogroove to tell the world to smile, the theory being that smiling is contagious. They also threaten to take your photograph when you have started smiling, an unpleasant prospect. Nobody on earth needs to buy or hear this record: easily the best bit is the camera-shutter FX at the start that makes you think of “Girls On Film” and lasts for 1.5 seconds. The rest is demeaning and nasty, exactly what people who hate pop think all pop sounds like: the musical equivalent of a supermarket greeter.