DA BAND – “Bad Boy This, Bad Boy That”

Imagine you are an R&B singer. Imagine that you’ve been trying for a while to get your big break and have had limited success, but haven’t really blown up the way you’d like to. Imagine that you discover that “Making The Band 2” will feature auditions for a new hip-hop group on Bad Boy Records, a group whose career will be managed by P. Diddy himself. Imagine leaving your husband and child behind and auditioning for the show. Imagine getting into the group!

Imagine realizing that you’re going to be stuck in a house away from your family for several months while your group records its first album. Imagine getting caught in the middle of a ton of fights between immature alpha males jockeying for top position within the group and the ever-present spectre of your domineering husband. Imagine being asked to sing like Ashanti, Beyonce, Mary J Blige, [insert hot female singer of the day here, except of course Lumidee because everyone knows baby couldn’t carry a tune in a paper bag]. Imagine getting dumped on by the other woman in the group because she sees your role solely as “singing the hook”. Imagine finding out that your group’s kickoff single doesn’t even have you on it.

Thank God they picked such a hot song to kick things off, otherwise you might start to think that all of the stress and drama wasn’t worth it.