You may have noticed that things look different here. Ahem. As you probably know, Freaky Trigger has relaunched, and relaunched with not one but four (soon to be five) regular weblogs, covering a spectrum of culture where NYLPM previously covered music. We still will be covering music, and hopefully in a more dynamic way than has been the case lately.

The FT relaunch has been a while in the planning and is still a work in progress. Suddenly expanding our coverage means we’re finding our feet writing about lots more things and finding an ‘approach’ to new subjects which will make us worth reading. This is exciting and fun for us and hopefully for you. But we’re bound to make mistakes and have teething problems. If you have any comments, complaints or suggestions about the new format, please do let us know. So far the response I’ve had has been about 85% positive, and even where it hasn’t been positive it’s been very friendly and optimistic – thankyou everyone for allaying my nerves a little bit.

(And a big thankyou to Alan, who singlehandedly redesigned everything with very little time and all too measly an input from me!)