Mu – “Let’s Get Sick”

Mustumi Kanamori and Maurice Fulton detonate five explosives during this improper house track. One can only presume that they are directed at symbols of the deep-house community. Possible targets: Shelter (bomb Shelter!), the Loft, a copy of Blaze’s “Do You Remember House?” and stacks of Naked Music and Spiritual Life releases. A warning signal comes just after ten seconds in, and then the bombs are dropped willy-nilly, almost always amidst flurries of rattling ramshackle percussion. None of the characteristics that typify many deep-house tracks — a steady 4/4 beat, a slick horn punch or two, a sickly sweet melody, a sensible amount of hand percussion, a sense of redemption or joy — are present. The front and back thirds, both of which are drunk with piles of drum tracks tripping over each other, are broken up by a relatively relaxed robo-pop breakdown. It’s safe to say that no funky/soulful house-purist DJ will ever chart this thing.