Bubba Sparxxx’s earlier stuff wasn’t much to my ears, it was a case where a trademark Timbaland production didn’t work and the MCing was…well, was. But a song like this is already meta-swamp music, the type of thing that Nick Cave figures exists somewhere but he’s not entirely sure is best captured in music or in words or in a novel, and usually only with a deep black frown. Here the storm clouds are in the buzzing synth bass and the deep ‘whaaat’ and the distant harmonica, and the way Timbaland creates dub without creating dub means once again that it’s the space in the mix, the difference between what is prominent and what isn’t, which works the most. Sparxxx sounds better here too, the click of beats making it sound like he’s taking off his skin and dancing around his bones, pace Mr. Waits. For all the comparative straightforward structure of the song, a good word for this would be roiling — not stable, all mixed up, bubb(a)ling.