Calling your first single overrated is inviting the critic to give you a good kicking. Unless of course no-one rates at all. The odd thing about this song from the Sugababe wot left (was pushed, girls can be so cruel, etc etc) is that it is actually relatively difficult to rate in the first place. It has the dubious honour of being an almost perfectly anonymous Radio One playlist kind of song that you enjoy while it plays, and then you completely forget. Until you hear it again when you remember you quite liked it. And then it goes again. Perfect for playlist longevity as no-one is going to get annoyed by it – except maybe Keisha and Mutya. Coupled with an equally anonymous ad campaign Siobahn is going for that hardest of roles in UK pop – the respected pop musician. Next step Glastonbury.

I was going to tell you what it sounded like, but it just went of the radio and I’ve just lost my train of though. Unrated then.