Boomkat fails in the method act with The Wreckoning. The surface has Moloko written over it, but then you scratch underneath and realize nothing’s THERE. So turn it over and revisit Flipside. (Gosh, I fell for that one, no?) That classique single is all about putting you on the wrong foot. A little – what… a LOT – like De Lillo’s Cosmopolis: The riddim of the city (shitty?) toppling over you. There’s nothing like falling down in a song (or book). The force of its cadence pushing you around. The lyrics? This is about hooks messing with your head – not your Ego, because Dance is about giving up that silly old thing called reason. The similarities between De Lillo’s syncopated style in Cosmopolis and Moloko’s Popafied take on Jungle, ie Flipside, is of course synthetic, only there because I am consuming both at the same time. Or was it waiting to be found? Whatever. And before I completely hop away to retro-dance heaven, let me add that I love ‘I am not a doctor’ for the same reasons I dislike it. It’s half-hearted, yeah, but I prefer talent wasted. This shows a human side and a promise that the next album could is better.