Some current lip-flapping in the UK centred on the current collapse in singles sales and the imminent doom of the charts – here’s the Guardian’s laughable contribution courtesy of Dave Lee Travis, who once shocked John Peel by admitting he didn’t own any records. Perhaps he’s been downloading them all! Or perhaps not, given his ‘grip’ on the pop matter – “Daniel Bedingfield is a good new artist, Kylie is doing some great stuff, and Eternal, too” – except they’ve split up, Dave (he’s right about Bedingfield, though). The choice of genial old twat DLT to comment on the ‘situation’ shows one of the UK pop charts’ (and pop’s) real problems, though – they’re trapped in their own myth. Jimmy Saville on Top of The Pops, breathless Sunday afternoons gathered round the wireless, hairy cornflakes, Guinness Books, the awful weight of history.