Neumu’s saving grace Philip Sherburne weighs in on the fanatics/dilettantes debate which I seem to have inadvertently started, concluding an interesting column with a stirring rallying cry – “Here’s to outsiders getting it all wrong.” Well, exactly. On an ILM techno thread yesterday, Dan accused Ronan of worrying about the ‘wrong kind of people’ listening to dance music, but I think the crucial debates aren’t really about who is listening but where they’re listening. Lots of people who’ve got into writing on the internet have an almost automatic irritation with territorial authenticity claims – the privileges granted by being in the club, or the ‘hood, or the gig. It’s also why launches like BANG! (new UK music mag, much discussed on ILM) seem so weird to me – clinging to a frontline-fanzine-reporting model of popcrit, I was T-H-E-R-E at the gig/interview/promo CD handout/whatever and you, gentle reader, were not, though I speak for you now. “Passion” recast as another kind of territory-kudos.