Short, witty, and sharply cut, this is my idea of a good ‘political’ song, which I’m told we need more of right now. Like an editorial cartoon, it makes its point, jogs the memory, and raises a grim smile, and it’s over in two pert minutes of jangles, organ riffs and crisp singing. You could say — maybe you could even sing — ‘the collusion between our establishments and dictators is all the more invidious for having a social element’ — but the Monochrome Set do it more elegantly and catchily. ‘Vroom vroom goes the armoured Cadillac through Montevideo / Rat-a-tat go the submachineguns to restore the status quo / Snip snip go the tailor’s scissors on a suit at Saville Row.’ Elegance may be somewhat of a luxury, though — the song was not a hit.