It’s ‘Visions of Johanna’ rewrit for Branson happy-hour tagteam karaoke, innit? Kid’s ‘I can’t look at you while I’m lyin’ next to her’ makes ‘her’ the unfortunate Louise to Sheryl’s Johanna, ‘cept Sheryl’s the present (absentee) lover and not the handy signifier of some vast and undefined longing. Add some boilerplate-‘wistful’ tour-diary lamenting (cf. ‘Turn the Page,’ ‘Faithfully’) and a melody stickyfingered from a final-sale drugstore cassette bin, and there’s your ‘Picture.’ The video, though: Recording Artists Recording a Song in a Recording Session! In a Studio! MTV-age kids are used to the ol’ cans-around-the-ears pretense, sure, but Rock-Crow go you a few further: jotting lyrics on a pad (also see: strategically ‘crossed-out’ lyrics), nodding their heads to the beat, hunching over acoustic instruments, exchanging nervous/attentive glances during respective vocal downtimes, making sure you the audience know that you’re witnessing the collaborative process in action, that you’re watching a song being born (man). And it’s all good as long as you don’t look too literally into the actual text; Kid’s pinched climactic whinny (‘I was off to drink you away‘) elicits a visible belly-laugh from his co-star, whose character purportedly misses her subject enough that she wouldn’t dare mock him to his face if given the chance. Hooray for the new sincerity!