Okay, yes, it’s a cheesy motivational ballad. Anyone with a strong reaction to the Dianne Warren school of songwriting should just check out right now because I could type for several years and not change your mind one little bit.

The rest of us will be completely grooving on this song, though. There’s this odd phenomenon I’m noticing with the songs from _Stripped_; the songs fit too well together on the album, to the point where outside of a few exceptions, the become a shapeless blur of Xtina-song. Played individually outside of the context of the album, they’re all arresting and beautiful. This song in particular has an amazing bridge that leads into an absolutely stellar vamp section with full-on gospel choir, hand clapping, violins and acoustic guitars, and an F# that’s the best high note I’ve heard on a pop song since early Mariah rocked out on that B in “Vision of Love”.