Audio Bullys-We Don’t Care
So this is house music for hooligans? I guess the wall of aggressive looping guitar is a strong case for that. The vocal too is menacing; “there’s things I haven’t told you, I go out late at night, and if I was to tell you, you’d see my different side”.

But the truth is the Audio Bullys are a dance act, and menace seldom co-exists with such a groove. The very fact that We Don’t Care has vocals makes it less menacing by default than a decent percentage of dance music, and more cartoon in itself. I don’t know how other people are recieving the Audio Bullys. I’ve yet to see any violence erupt at my discotheque. This doesn’t surprise me.

What I do know is that We Don’t Care is generally recieved with the same kind of euphoria as most other house records which chart at 14 are in packed clubs. The chorus is anthemic, there’s no doubting that, it’s the kind everyone begins to scream along to, safe in the knowledge that the sound system removes any need for singing ability. It’s a moment of testimony if anything. Ecstacy, you see, is something of a secret (not secret) little club. I’ve often ran into someone, in some social situation far removed from the psychoville that is the dancefloor, and had to simply say “good night on Saturday eh?” with a wink or smile.

The important thing is, these people know. And I know what they’ve been up to too.

When I go to College, things are different. I generally don’t even bother with Mondays, if you’ve got no sleep Saturday and drank much too much your brain has that smoking battlefield effect going on. When I do make it in, I try to spend as little time there as possible. Social events my class and friends organise seem to float by me. I have no interest, and that’s all there is to it. I go to seminars and say nothing, or say too much, one of two extremes. I’d imagine I come across as something of a dick to all but a few people. And as obvious as it may seem that’s where that We Don’t Care chorus grabs my attention. It’s 3, or 4, or 5 and the DJ plays it and as the process of losing myself continues I think of it as a nice piece of rhythmic reason for my lack of enthusiasm for all things 2nd year Journalism. And maybe it’s the same for everyone else who feels as though they have a secret life, for every guy lying to his girlfriend or parents or simply realising they can’t really “get it”.

After all secrets don’t have to be dark. There are things I’ve never told you, I go out late at night, and if I was to tell you, you’d see my different side. This one’s for my parents eh?