I’ve just been waiting for some songs to be released, here are some I’ve liked whilst watching the Box and MTV.

Sarah Whatmore — Automatic — She stole or if you like, borrowed her ‘oh’s’ form J Lo’s ‘Play’. She’s strutting around some urban environment in the video; model types are looking on slightly bemused. This is a really good electrified pop song, she’s ‘a bass loving lady’ or something like that. I’d like this to be a hit, as she is streets ahead of Ribbons and Birkett, but this alone probably only adds up to a number 10.

Kelly Rowland — Stole — This is what you get when you cross Pearl Jam’s ‘Jeremy’ and ‘Unpretty’ by TLC. I like it, but I can’t help dwelling on this thought.

Kelly Osbourne — Shut Up! — Wow! Even better than her first single, what is it doing at number 12? This is surely the biggest pop controversy of 2003 (it has been a slow year, hasn’t it?).

Justin Timberlake — Cry Me a River — He’s blooming everywhere! Playing bass for the Flaming Lips, appearing on Nelly’s new song, there he is on your favourite Saturday morning show, is that him presenting Countdown? Despite this media saturation, he becomes more likeable the more you see him, and this is a great song, cool video, and great production. A number one for 2003’s uber dude!

LL Cool J – Paradise – I like this only for the wonderfully terrible “paradise is very nice” line