30 Seconds Over Dayton

Brainiac’s ‘NOTH1NG 3V3R CHAN935’ would have been Walter Benjamin’s wet dream. It never really sings about the bricks, dirt and whatever else you can’t find outside suburbia… but it sounds every little bit like a collapsing city. I now hear the way you sucked every kling klang sound of Ohio into one song. It sounds as a mish mash of metallic screams trying to coax you into a foam-at-the-mouth rage. Therein also lies the deceit: the song seems to be made up on the spot, but the distortion, the funky cheerleaders-from-delirium-hell were meant to be there. There is no such thing as a spontanuous combustion on recorded vinyl. (Hey we’re Steve Albini territory here, we ain’t nevah heard of CDs!) So what about the title? Well, fuck that, everything changes, especially music. Every time you put on Hissing Prigs In Static Couture, you’re in a different mood, added some new experiences,… and how could it sound the same when you discovered Tim Taylor, the singer, died in a car accident? So we’re more removed from 1996, the year’s release date, but at the same time we’re also closer to the core of Brainiac/yourself.