META-POPEYE – Not a Popeye at all therefore (though its nice to see Eminem at number one, he’s done well the scrappy lil’ fighter). Since Mark Goodier left the Radio One Chart rundown we have had a selection of guest presenters from the rest of their schedules. Is it a bid to raise the profile of their other punters, road test a few of them befor emaking a decision or that no-one wants to take the poisoned chalice. Anyway, if you look beyond the mildly diverting and probably irreverant pick of Mark Radcliffe to do this week, into the new year we get the interesting opportunity to see how John Peel will do it (grumpily and cack-handedly) and best of all will be Tim Westwood – or Westwood as he is known these days (Timothy is just not street enuff) doing that top ten countdown while probably dropping a bomb on One True Voice.