On of the gifts of country music is describing the geography of the land as the geography of the heart. Each place has its memories, and places that are described as the fly over by those who live in the coast are filled with states that have a unique character.

On this latest single- designed as an epistle- a lover leaves towards Memphis. He wishes that she finds love along the way and provides a map in the glove box. The trip is described sate by state. The way that he describes the journey to Memphis is evocative-he knows the towns that move past the inner state and names them. He whispers about sunsets in West Tennessee, he has a sister in Memphis that will provide room and lodge, and he knows that she has to go, and although he wants her to stay, he will make sure she is safe.

There is care and tenderness and an honest melancholy, and an understanding that there are only things that a car and the open road can resolve.