ANDREW WK – “We Want Fun”

How could anyone hate music as happy as this? The opening minute – with no WK in sight – is outrageously, beautifully, gleeful. Glitterbeat drums introduce the riff from “I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day”, rewritten for a world in which it is, and then Santa Steinman (or a digitised facsimile) sprinkles monster production dust all over everything. It’s gigantic. Then Andrew turns up and does what he has to, which is keep the party going. “We wanna have fun and we wanna get WASTED!” – not an unsympathetic aim, this. It’s on the Jackass soundtrack album, though, so it must be ‘frat-boy rock’. But how bad could a fraternity be where EVERYONE gets to join? Andrew WK’s pop is so unrelentingly inclusive it’s only a step away from Muppet Radio: this is his genius. And the platinum-plated bridge in this song sounds like Adam And The Ants being launched into space by champagne-fuelled rockets. What on earth else do you want?