TIRIRICA – Calango

Listening to 103.9 in the car this woman asks for “the song about the calango” because her daughter loves it and always sing with it, i was just about to change the station thinking this would be awful but while still talking to the woman the dj put the song and this 808 beat came in with the dry snares and loads of bassdrums. Then it enters the voice and it’s fucking Tiririca. I thought pop acts doing eletroclash would never happen, and even if it did i expected something like Alizée, Kylie or Puffy with some hot producer as Timbaland or The Neptunes behind. The last thing that could possibly cross my mind was that ex-circus clown/comedian/bad actor/bad singer/novelty one-hit-wonder Tiririca was down with the hype.

The voice is mainly talking and explaining how to do the calango dance, a high-pitched bassline enters with here and there some synth noises worth of anything by Miss Kittin. During the chorus this filtered distorted guitar plays a riff and he goes (calango, calango). But sure the best bit is when he repeats and repeats for about a whole minute this lame joke about the funk hit “Tapinha Não Dói” (você acha que um tapinha não dói/… porque nunca levou um tapinha nos zoi). Sure the annoying people caring about the scene or something would pilk at a children pop singer ripping off the whole genre but i just hope this stays on radio until summer so i can get to the beach and have a electro song by Tiririca playing. OH! And with people doing the dance moves to it.