This tuesday i went to check out a blowout sale and kept admiring this for ages and ages so i finally decided to buy it after much thinking(i mean, it was only 5 reais). Oh well, did i made myself happy by buying this single. It transported me back to when i was about 9 and was still too young too care if something was chart-pop or not with MTV blasting the video everyday on Disk, the video was perfect: the talking in british accent, the clothes and messing up with some party at some embassy or something like that. All amazingly impressive for me

I even remebered how dumb i thought a friend was when he got the lyrics and translated them, keeping talking how he didnt liked the song anymore because the lyrics had no meaning at all. Dammit, i just liked Scary Spice doing zig-zig-zig and thats still the best part of the song

Update: Now im not sure if it is Scary Spice doing zig-zig-zig, it might be Geri too… Well one of them does it