Britney is done.
She had a good run, some great singles ( and this is really the only thing we judge pop on anymore) and an attempt to change her sound and image.
Losing her Virginity was a career move.
Going from Lolita to Lola was a p.r stunt .

Hiring the Neptunes to make a dirty funk ode to female empowerment, appearing in a shitty summer movie, having a messy break up with Justin- all of them an attempt to move outside of her demographic as soon as possible.
But the Tabs don’t care, and the single really didn’t sell well, and she had a “nervous breakdown” in Mexico and is taking 6 months off.
You don’t take time off when you are a pop star. People forget too easily, and they are forgetting already.
Beyonce took the movie crown in Goldmember, and the hip hop rules over the teenybopper.
Britney’s career wont last the break, mostly cause the best single of her career is floundering and there isn’t much to follow up.