SANDY & JUNIOR – Love Never Fails
PAULINA RUBIO – Don’t Say Goodbye

So, next round of Latin American superstars trying to get all the fame and money (but moslty fame) out of the US market, but probably this time neither of them will manage to do it since to “breakthrough with the gringos” a amazing single is needed. And these are not amazing singles. Love Never Fails starts simple to the point of boredom, kicking off with the catchy chorus, its corny but corny is whats expected from Sandy & Junior. Some acoustic guitars, a ok beat and a verse i cant even remeber how it goes, but there is a very small pearl on this song wich makes up for it. Near the end a cheesy guitar solo attempts to ruin the whole thing but the whole beat drops, the instruments go away and Junior shuts up. Huge strings kick in and Sandy starts to sing the beautiful C part, it only lasts for about 8 seconds but its the heart of the song, Junior strums the guitar and the chorus start again but after that C part the chorus is different now it makes sense and you think “yeah, this is a okay song”. Its good, it will probably wont make it big in the US but just listen to the C part. Wonderful.

Now Paulina Rubio’s single fill me with pure attacks of rage. They just take away the current chart-pop singer with the best voice(a motherfuckin sexy voice that has a adjective that i dont know the english name) that released a kick-ass album to put on some trance shitty producer that besides making a trance song filter and alter her voice so she doesnt actually sound like anything at all singing this dumb song. This is what happens when you take Estefano out of the album and puts some anglo assholes to write the songs. grrr…