It is inevitable that if Will Smith is in a summer blockbuster that he will record the theme tune. And from Men In Black to Wickee-Wickee-Wah-Wah-West they have usually been pretty lousy bits of cut and paste eighties pop rap. However he is truly scraping the barrel with the new one, where he definately shows his age with his suggestion of the kind of dance we might wish to partake in if the Men In Black are around. Rather then breaking out into a full on dance, a bit of breakdancing or even the twist he suggests that all that is appropriate is “Nodding your head”. Nodding! Nodding is what old people do when they are sitting infront of the snooker, just before they finally fall asleep – something that this tune is apt to do. My head was moving to it, but merely shaking in a ‘what have you done now Will’ way.

(Though for students of the diegetic effect of soundtracks the song is quite interesting. Unlike the original Men In Black track – Will refers to himself as Will Smith in the song whilst also refers to his actions in the film in the first person. This breaks down what one assumes to be a finely crafted sense of internal reality that Barry Sonnenfield has created within Men In Black II. Though in reality most people will have scarpered from the movie the second the credits hit the screen.)