I am always a but suspicious when I see stories like this: Beyonce Knowles warning kids not to become pop stars. This is not that dissimilar to the bitching Michael Jackson did about the music industry at the weekend, though Beyonce has decided not to take any chances and basically warn off all her up and coming competition. That is the way I see it after all, when you are at the top of the pile as Destiny’s Child currently are the only way is down. And the only way that wil happen is if someone younger and new comes and topples you, pop music is always looking for the next big thing. So while Beyonce is undoubtedly right, there are plenty of backbiters and false friends in the industry, I just get the feeling she is trying to put off the inevitable and scare off the competition.

I would be a little bit more sympathetic is she was spending her time telling people not to be miners or workers in the nuclear power industry really where the risks for self damage really are quite high. Beyonce’s warning will merely make the girls even more ambitious than Beyonce (and imagine that if you will) call her a sap, a weakling and drive further to replace her.