VANESSA CARLTON – “A Thousand Miles”

At first, I wasn’t all that impressed. The Proclaimers were willing to go 1,000 miles – 2,000 miles net (if you count the distances traveled by both brothers, ideally to different women). However, they were only willing to go 500 miles originally; the second 500 is tacked on as a concession to their fair lady, just to show off. “Ooo, look how far I came to see you! Wow, I’m exhausted! Love me!” Plus, with the two of them together, walking the 1,000 miles … if you were really in love, you’d go it alone, suffering the burden of this pure emotion by your own damn self. Sharing the load is too practical to be meaningful. Vanessa’s willing to walk a thousand miles ALONE just to SEE him, never mind falling down at his door (wherever that might be). That’s commitment. And her sly appropriation of The Magnificent Seven theme (right around the part where she sighs, “I miss you”) pisses all over anything related to that Benny & Joon sap.

When it comes to true love, guys are straight-up stupid pussies.