What I’ve been doing today: downloading tracks for the sixth Freaky Trigger Focus Group. A slimmed-down affair this time, with only 29 songs, but still the usual struggles to find half the tracks – and then to find the correct mixes of half of those. The horrors witnessed include:

– A ‘dance mix’ of Enrique Inglesias’ “Hero” (actually much better than the original)
– A ‘TV Mix’ of Shakira with acoustic guitar and really really mixed-high pan-pipes.
– A huge long mix of “Gotta Get Through This” with some kind of whale noise.
– The original mix of ‘Ain’t It Funny’ which sounds like the Cranberries and nothing like the Ja Rule version (I eventually gave up on finding that one at all and put Mystikal in instead.)
– A ‘hero mix’ of Enrique Inglesias which mixes a weepy performance of the song with 9/11 heroic firefighter news bulletins. This is the worst thing I have ever in my life endured.