The return of a popular feature! (No, not DUEL! That’s back tomorrow). I’ve found some more CDs I want to see the back of. They’ll be posted up on Alan’s Music Swap Shop tomorrow.

DAVID SYLVIAN – Dead Bees On A Cake: comeback album by mannered art-popster. Inspired by oriental philosophies as if you couldn’t guess.
BILLY BRAGG – Back To Basics: I have another Billy Bragg album which is worse than this but it also has his best songs on. This is warm beer in plastic cups and a stale ham sandwich.
SAIAN SUPA CREW – S/T: “The French hip-hop equivalent of Jurassic 5”, it actually says on the sleeve and still I bought it.
SKULL KONTROL – Deviate Beyond All Means Of Capture: rowdy US post-hardcore something. Not awful but I never listen to it and I hate the cover now.
THE WEDDING PRESENT – Mini: one Wedding Present record too far, even for me.
JA RULE – Rule 3:36: just really atrocious.