Primal Scream — “Miss Lucifer” [Alec Empire remix]

Said the XFM-presenter: ‘If Alec Empire were to remix this, the world’I don’t want to make September 11th thingies but’it would end.’. Riiiight. Now, what was the exact kind of fucking monkeys you have sitting behind the mic over there in the UK? I make the angry fist, but it’s because of Her and She’s the one who swings in the end. And murder him She does. The build-up, the precision, the change-ups, the climax and that hiss. That eeevilllll hiss. I mean, I can’t play this too often for it might make me want to do stuff (Oops! It’s on repeat’;-). At the very least She’ll scare you right off the floor, it’s that offensive.

Then it’s over to The Prodigy’s “Baby’s Got A Temper” and with that I may have already found my worst single of the year. Jesus, what a dirge! The clownesque synthloop fits Keiff for all the wrong reasons and besides that novelty their choon hasn’t changed a goddamned bit. Rohypnol, my ass. Coming soon to a schooldisco near you. Makes me want to finish the bottle before it hits rotation of any kind.