In Other Words Sucker, There Is No Other.
Synthesizing all extant forms of pigfucking — hardcore, grindcore, 800 types of metal with names and distinctions only spoken and understood by creepy adepts, Japanoise, power electronics, free jazz skronk — and settling them a-boiling, Lightning Bolt and Arab on Radar spew the vibrating particles across the ether field of two sides of usually limited edition vinyl, with preciously silk-screened covers. Oh, and The Locust are some cheap-jack exploitation act, cross-breeding knuckleheads like Devo and Carcass so The Kids can call it innovative. And they’re all coming to your town this summer, a rolling Glastonbury of sonic violence joined at various points by the ‘cream’ of the underground (Erase Errata, Kid606, The Flying Luttenbachers.)

To those who have never experienced Lightning Bolt live at one of your country’s great rock and roll dives, it is a must see, possibly the loudest sound two men can make without a backhoe. (Arab on Radar — while no less of a visceral proposition as the Bolt — is even more senseless and absurd, all high-end screech and treble attack, as if a band could be played at the wrong speed live.) There’s also a Lightning Bolt live video/DVD on its way, entitled ‘The Power of Salads and Milkshakes…’this bold step into the digital age a rather firm testament to the power of junk food, volume, and comics in the face of encroaching developers, the stink of yuppie scum, and Punk Rock. (Oh, and there’s cartoons too.)