Happy-uh Birthday-uh
The Fall are 25 years old this month. So, in honor, ten reasons why the white crap who talk back are still my favorite band.
10. Ian Penman’s initial characterization of them as callow, rote bandwagon jumpers. If so, so what?
9. ‘-uh.’ The vocal tic which never gets old.
8. The live version of ‘Deer Park’ on A Part of America, Therein: an opening cloud of feedback so oppressive it sounds like (the) rapture: ‘Good evening, we are The Fall!’
7. Drone-pop: maybe not invented but certainly perfected?
6. Willful perversity as life-long art project.
5. ‘The Classical’: not for the infamous ‘where are the obligatory niggers’ that cost them their deal with Mowton, but for their ridiculous, overdriven take on punk-funk and for the way the bassline hints at melody towards the end. I’ve never felt better in my life, indeed.
4. Their best record is a 10″. (Odd size vinyl always = good.)
3. ‘Rebellious Jukebox.’ Yeah, but I would say that.
2. Here’s a definitive rant: yet none of them were, so he had to keep biting and biting and biting!
1. Repetition in the music, and they’re never gonna lose it. (Although some might say this has been their downfall for the last 18 years. Oh well. Salut, you rabble.)