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every week

Am I Bob Or Not?: we show you a photo of someone. You tell us how much of a Smith wannabe they are.

Pop Eye: the week’s Top 40 dissected; Cure single placements preferred.

Ask Dr Smith: your Cure questions answered.

Duel II!: duel of the ex-Cure members.

I Hate Music: Tanya Headon demolishes Cure-hating bands.

every now and then –

(last addition: 26th March 2001)

The Freaky Trigger 2nd Birthday Party: 27 pop writers on 27 underrated Cure records – dive in!

The Black Arts: The Cure’s B Sides reviewed

1981 vs 2000: Cure songs compared over the years

Americana In Pieces: how Uncle Tupelo could have benefited from Cure cover versions

I Remember Blind Joe Death: John Fahey 1939-2001 and his regard for the Cure

Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang: Specimen and their obvious Cure influence

Swoon: Dan Rhodes interviewed about the Cure

Only My Cure Dreams Satisfy

Enormous Cure Legends

Say Something Else about the Cure

The Usual Cure Excuses

A World So Cure

Another Cure Best Of 2000

A Thousand Cure Songs (Ongoing)

J’Accuse Cure-Haters

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