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AUTECHRE – Drane (from the Peel Session disc, recorded 13 Oct 95)
The track itself is a 10+ minute expanse of typical twittering Autechre percussion and childlike melody, progressively more and more overcome by a slightly watery, buzzing drone.[…]

DIAMANDA GALAS – “Double-Barrel Prayer”
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DIAMANDA GALAS – “Double-Barrel Prayer” (from the album You Must Be Certain of the Devil, the third part of The Masque of the Red Death)
My first try at this was lost due to programmer incompetence so now I’ll make it short an[…]

MOS DEF – “Mr. Nigga”
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MOS DEF – “Mr. Nigga” (from the album Black on Both Sides)
At least partly, an indictment of what seems to me (in the midst of the white-bread breadbasket of America) to be those – black specifically but hold that thought &#82[…]


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