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Europop 2008: Quarter Final 3 – France v Russia
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France take on Russia for the third semi-final place: listen to the tracks, vote in the poll.

How to vote: Just tick the track you like the most. Because I’m going on a mini-break at the end of the week this poll will be up until Monday 16th. […]


The rise of the emo game? “99 no Namida” brings the tears
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As someone with a sickening obsession for all things Jin Akanishi J-boyband/tat related, I often find myself spending disgusting amounts of money on Japanese teen fash/music mags. Quite a few of these run large advertisements for new Nintendo DS game[…]

Comics: A Beginner’s Guide: Osamu Tezuka
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Not exactly a style or genre, but this is one guy who is huge enough to need his own entry. In Japan he was called “the god of comics”, and his output and impact is unrivalled anywhere in the world. He produced over 150,000 pages in his l[…]

Europop 2008: Group Stage Review
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With the knockout stages of the Europop tournament well underway, I asked a few managers – for their highlights of the game so far (these interviews conducted before the Switzerland-Germany result):
Who do you think will win? (more…)[…]

Europop 2008: Quarter Final 2 – Poland v Portugal
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Poland take on Portugal for a place in the semis. Play the tracks, vote, and look below the cut for managerial comment, track ID, analysis, results and previews. Please don’t download the tracks unless you intend to vote – thanks!

How to[…]

Comics: A Beginner’s Guide: Old Superhero Comics: DC
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While Marvel was going for huge, powerful stories plus soap elements, DC kept on their own way for a while. They aimed at a younger market, and even issue-length stories were an exception, let alone any continuity between issues. They were also a muc[…]

Europop 2008: Quarter-Final 1 – Switzerland v Germany
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Into the fantabulous knockout stage of Europop 2008 – hosts Switzerland topped Group A, but come up against a steadily improving German side. Click below the cut for track IDs, managerial comment, match reports and previews.

How to vote: Just […]


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