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Apr 08

The Orphanage

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theorphanage.jpgThe Orphanage
The best film ghost story since The Others. Someone screamed when I saw it.

Our Year Of Agatha Christie Covers: 5: Postern Of Fate

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So we move into month two, with whatever a hastily cobbled together google search can find me. And can we spell the word Austerity (ans. yes, after a quick spellcheck). There is something awesomely dull about this Christie cover for Postern Of Fate, in the same way there is something awesomely dull about the phrase “Postern of Fate”.


Legend of Zelda Movie Trailer

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An April 1st (2009) release, but if it is another joke it’s an amazingly good-looking one! There have been previous fake Zelda movie trailers, mostly by fans, and you can tell.