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Something I Realised About Doctor Who

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There are some pop-cult things which have gone from cult fan appreciation to mainstream currency. And there are some – probably more – which have gone from mainstream popularity to being the preserve of a relatively tiny fandom. As a pop fan I’ve seen the former journey many times; as a comics fan the latter.

Doctor Who is the only thing I can think of which has done both – gone from being a completely mainstream family TV show to being a smaller and smaller fan concern and then back to enormous top-rated popularity again.

Surely there must be others?

Products Which Should Exist Due To a Clever Punning Name, But Don’t: 2: Toilet Duck A La Orange

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Toilet DuckOkay, they come pretty close on this one. Of the three flavoured* offerings from the good people at SC Johnson (A Family Company), one is citrus. The others – for the record – are the remarkably non-descript “FRESH” and the Saturday Morning Kids Cartoon evoking “OCEAN FORCE”. But is the citrus one is designed to give your lavvie a lovely scent of lemons? Limes? Grapefruit? I am loathe to buy into this cobbling together of all citrus fruits into a single smell, and it seems that SC Johnson (A Family Company) are three quarters of the way to making this dream product a reality.



Tanya’s Army Of Awfulness: XTC – SERGEANT ROCK

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sgtrock.jpgActually the XTC single is called Sgt.Rock, where Sgt is the abbreviation for Sergeant. Which is not surprising for XTC, a band so poor at spelling that they could not spell their own name. Even the home counties numb-nutts that were EMF knew that Ecstacy starts with an E. Unless they were taking advice from the E-Zee Possee (more poor spellers) who foolishly believed that Everything Starts With An E. Actually what Mr E.Z.Possee actually should have noticed was the following things started with an e:
1) The Word Everything
2) Everything that begins with an E
3) All his GCSE results.

But I digress.

Sgt.Rock is a song about the wussy boys from XTC being a bit rubbish with girls.


NEXT – Puhlease!

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next.jpgNext is a stupid movie, almost as if it were de rigeur for a book based on a Philkdick short story. And yet the ideas in Philkdick’s stories often demand schlocky film versions. What other way does Hollywood have to illustrate various ideas about temporal displacement and identity but with lots of guns and explosions? Well Richard Linklater tried with wobbly drawings in A Scanner Darkly, but it didn’t rake in the big bucks. Sometimes you just want an action movie with an original premise.

And that time is when you’ve had four pints.