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Mar 07

Poptimism – Lesson Thirty Something

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Who Likes Who – Jordan Pruitt

12 Bar Acid Blues – Siobhan Donaghy

Song 4 Mutya – Groove Armada

Sexy Twilight Back – Justin Timberlake v 2 Unlimited

Dancing With Tears In My Eyes – Novaspace


Captain America (Post contains spoilers)

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Major development for Captain America (for now, anyway). Cap – strangely for such an “iconic” creation – is probably the character who has changed the most, tonally, in my comics reading lifetime. This latest event seems pitched perfectly for Captain A’s development over the last 20 years, ever more serious and brow-furrowed, a character almost audibly creaking under the weight of a decade where there’s been a renewed awareness and debate around what “America” and “American values” are.


J-Pop J-Pop Hair Scoobie Doos

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So the most e-mailed news story at the moment on the BBC News Website* is Reggae Reggae Sauce going on sale. Seen as a triumph for the BBC programme Dragon’s Den, one assumes this is not just a good confident businessman, but a nice sauce too. And you can’t have enough tamarindy/chilli sauces knocking around (I may have the recipe completely wrong here, but its a safe bet it is a hot sauce). Not only that but he is also flogging Proper Tings, The Reggae Reggae Sauce Song, which one hopes is reggae, but isn’t on his Myspace page.