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Mar 07

Wiz you were here*

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mc4Last night I went to the Islington Academy and I saw:

Acoustical Big Fat Andy Cairns from Therapy?
Neds Atomical Dustbins
Some Bloke From The Doughboys
The Senseless Things
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine
Mega City Four (the remaining members of)

And it was GREAT. The gig was a tribute to Wiz from Mega City Four, who died at the end of last year.


Domestic Violence

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Link with clip of Martha Rosler’s Semiotics of the Kitchen (requires Quicktime) as mentioned on yesterday’s FTatLoP. Sadly, my own video of the merciless blunt object destruction of a load of digestives would not upload to YouTube last night so I suggest you recreate your own.


the (first) great caruso

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carusoas per lollardry yesterday, mp3 of caruso singing “vesti la giubba” HERE: this is conventionally regarded as the first million-selling record (though he recorded it more than once in the years for difft record companies 1902-03, and i imagine the sales include all versions): IT IS ABOUT SCARY SAD CLOWNS

ps i also think i said yesterday that RED SEAL was a fancy imprint of the GRAMOPHONE and TYPEWRITER COMPANY — actually i’m not sure of this and would have to look it up properly (the complexity of who recorded what, who was working for who, and indeed what was called what in those years, is fairly severe): I think Red Seal was part of VICTOR, while the G&T went on to become EMI. But that’s off the top of my head and I may well still be muddled.