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Oct 06

I, Videogamer, Pt3: PC Gaming

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kings quest ivPC gaming is for the REAL dorks though, right? PC gamers like to “frag”, “spawn” and many other things that hopefully enjoy the pleasures of being called a “faggot” by a 12yr old from Levenshulme, pretend they are in WARS despite their only combat experiences involving a couple of episodes of Sharpe and something or other about ROME.

However, I am now going to have to change my ways –


NORMAN GREENBAUM – “Spirit In The Sky”

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#285, 2nd May 1970

Apparently much loved by the British public in whatever form it makes the charts, but this is a case where the original is best. Later versions play the song as a knees-up, but Greenbaum goes deeper and finds the spiritual connection between revival meeting and happening, the hypnotic link between hippy happy-clappy and glam stomp.

A lot of the record’s power comes from its distinctive sound – fuzz guitar snarling and purring all through the song, like a spirit voice Greenbaum’s raised up for accompaniment. The real voices accompanying him are barely less spectral, their final notes – “in the skyyy”; “when I diiiie” – hanging spookily in the fuzz along with the rattlesnake brushes and echoing stabs of lead guitar. Jesus figures heavily in the song, but only as a useful connection who knows the world beyond better than you do: Greenbaum was not a Christian, and this is not Christian rock.

soft tissue found in t-rex fossil

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T-Rex tissue fragments

I was chastened to realize that my first question regarding this extraordinary find was nothing to do with DNA etc. but an intense curiousity about the TASTE (surely if thee scientists can break their own rules enough to chop a fossil in half they could just go whole hog and nip a little T-Rex marrow off with their teeth while no one was looking — Science beckons, gentlemen!!) Ever since reading “A Gun for Dinosaur” by L. Sprague De Camp, with its to me baffling focus on taxidermy — rather than prandial concerns — I have wanted to know what a T.Rex tasted like. On this count, the article delivers; it probably tasted a lot like ostrich. So, very nice indeed!

You Never Know Twice

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Every now and then the telly people over do the trails for upcoming shows that they are particularly keen for you to either watch, or remember that they put on. ITV are worst for this (I think) for the second reason – they want you to remember the 2 hours of Cracker and Prime Suspect they’ve commissioned in the last 5 years.

So the other day I was getting very fed up of hearing YET AGAIN the music in the trailer with Helen Mirren in it… hang on the telly is on the Beeb. I look up and it’s a trailer for Jane Eyre. (Oddly already on for a couple of weeks).

Yes, both Jane Eyre and Prime Suspect are currently using the same bit (the intro before the beat comes in) of the same album track (You Never Know off of Goldfrapp’s Supernature*).

So which came first? And how’s that for coincidence considering the album was released almost exactly a year ago. Or is it? We need some insight from those tasteful music choosers of ads and trailers to explain just what is going on.

* I had to find this out as I am not actually a fan enough of AG to buy her blinking albums