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Sep 06


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Can you spot what the referee and lino didn’t?

Brandwatch: Baileys At It Again

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Slumping sweet booze Baileys is apparently to follow the conspicuous lack of success of “Baileys Glide” with two new variants, aiming to make Christmas drinking even more sickly. They are “Baileys With A Hint Of Mint” (could see this working) and “Baileys Creme Caramel” (nein danke).

(The negative tone of this posting is entirely rooted in my own unfortunate experiences with Baileys as a student).

THRILLERS FOR KIDS! #1 in a (possibly very short) series

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zebraICE STATION ZEBRA by Alistair Maclean

This was in the library of the school I left aged 12, so was probbly 9 or 10 when I first read it. This is OK: it’s Bond-for-preteens viz NO SEX!! In fact, in Zebra at least, NO WOMEN AT ALL hurrah er boo as it is set half on a nuclear submarine and half in the arctic. The hero’s brother’s wife is mentioned, to intensify the fact that the hero is upset his brother is dead, but can only say so on her behalf as TOO MUCH BLUBBIN IS UNMANLY (look I am really not being that unfair even).