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Aug 06

THE BEE GEES – “I Gotta Get A Message To You”

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#257, 7th September 1968


In a curious way this song feels ahead of its time, anticipating a strain of 1970s pop – “Seasons In The Sun”, “Billy Don’t Be A Hero” – that slathered tracks with melody and melodrama. At its best the style smuggles something affecting inside its padding of hokum – or makes the hokum so outrageous or pretty that you don’t care. “Message” doesn’t do that for me, I can’t find a reason to care about the singer’s crimes or dilemmas or backstory or whatever the hell is going on: the hand-wringing vocal just feels contrived, and after a portentious intro the record drags. People looking for the dark side of 1968 may find the Bee Gees’ doomed pleadings strike a chord, but in almost any year there are better gathering storms than this.


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COBRAPLANE II: The Return Of The Cobra Plane Concept

Things that did not happen in COBRAPLANE II, what we saw in the cinema on Tuesday, which really should have happened.

-The really big Anaconda should have tried to eat the plane.

-The should have made a rope ladder out of dead snakes.

-They should have crashed on a mysterious desert island and sicced the snakes on The Others. And/Or use the snakes to write HELP on the beach.


Andy’s Early Comics Archive

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speech bubble historyAndy’s Early Comics Archive. It has a section covering the evolution of speech balloons, and has a large number of scans of pre-cursor comic books. He only goes back to papyrus, perhaps limiting himself to non-carved sources, but there’s a good variety of stuff to keep you browsing for some time.

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WINGS – “Let ‘Em In”: The picture on the left is the first google image hit on “Thumbs aloft”. This song would surely be the first google audio hit too.

Indie Kid(d)s: The Plot Thickens

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OK, I was genuinely surprised by the existence of this!