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Jun 08

dept of you gotta be wtfkn kiddin me YOU BIG HERBERT

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i: i am rereadin THE SANTAROGA BARRIER by frank herbert ftb i am co-host of A BITE OF STARS A SLUG OF TIME AND THOU, and we need to start our homework for SERIES TWO

ii: i have probbly not reread it since i was in my teens (= the 70s what were we thinkin) and largely recall it as bein about a secretive community rooted in hallucinogenic CHEESE hurrah

iii: the cheese is called JASPERS cheese

iv: the hero is called called gilbert DASEIN and his lovely g/f is called jenny SORGE

v: the hero is named in sentence ONE, by which time i had already said “yikes hang on!” to myself: “this is a bit of a massive clunky steer surely, nameswise — when did f.herbert go so bunyan on us?”

vi: anyway the steer (as i know know but back then didn’t) is towards THIS and THIS, and therefore HIM, and also (cheese-wise) HIM

(vii: sez wiki, “The novel was loosely based on Martin Heidegger’s ideas, noticeably on his book Sein und Zeit” — bearing in mind it is, in my memory, about HALLUCINOGENIC CHEESE , i am currently enjoyin how hard the word “loosely” seems required to work; i will update all interested sluggards when i have got past page 12)

May 08

A Bite of Stars, a Slug of Time, and Thou – Episode 8

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Kat Stevens joins Mark Sinker and Elisha Sessions to talk about Choose Your Own Adventure books, speaking with animals, and “Build Up Logically”, an unclassifiable short story written in 1950 by Howard Schoenfeld. It’s about two men who can summon the entire universe from thin air but spend most of their time at parties. Elisha reads the story in case you haven’t.

Produced by Elisha Sessions

Apr 08

A Bite of Stars, a Slug of Time, and Thou – Episode 4

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Martin Skidmore joins Mark Sinker and Elisha Sessions to discuss the first space-travel story of the series, and the first truly obscure find, “Beyond the Reach of Storms” by Donald Malcolm. As always, Elisha reads excerpts at the front of the programme. Music includes “Firekeeper” by Red Planet.

Produced by Elisha Sessions

Next – “The Red Brain” by Donald Wandrei

Apr 08

A Bite of Stars, a Slug of Time, and Thou – Episode 1

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Sarah Clarke joins Mark Sinker and Elisha Sessions to discuss John W. Campbell’s “Who Goes There”, a 1938 science fiction novella about ice-bound scientists confronted with an alien who can become them. Elisha reads from the book in case you haven’t. As originally broadcast on Resonance FM 104.4 FM in London on April 1, 2008.

Next week: Fritz Leiber – “A Pail of Air”.

Mar 08


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as1.jpgLollards is winding down — last show tonight! — but dry yr eyes and defuzz yr lesser thoracic palps bcz we have EXCITING NEWS for our LOYAL LISTENERS, viz 1 x new eight-week series on Resonance FM 104.4 starting next Tuesday, 1 April 10-11pm.


A Bite of Stars, a Slug of Time, and Thou will delve deep into the science fiction short stories of SF’s Golden and Silver Ages. The pulp and avant-garde writing of c.1935-65 has fallen out of public memory; hosts ELISHA SESSIONS and MARK SINKER and their astounding guests* will return to this forgotten motherlode, once bedrock of the entire field. Eli will read evocative extracts, then quiz Mark and guest on authors, styles, subtexts sexual and political, technique, value, impact and legacy, plus changing fashions and meanings in backdrop, tech and alien allure — and anything else that pops into their pulsating crystalline brain-lobes.

THERE WILL BE SPOILERS! hurrah so we will announce the story in advance, and you can read it if you like.

Episode one:
Extracts from John W. Campbell’s 1938 classic novella WHO GOES THERE?
Guest = “Starry” Sarah Clarke, Hegemon Ambassadrix of the Nebuline Dark-Matter Cluster J-Pop 9

Sluggards are go! You can hear Episode 1 now, or keep up to date with all the episodes on the Slug of Time page.

*viz Fellow Lollards and more: fans, experts, creators, backroom boffins, visitors and elder beings overground AND underground, squamous AND unnameable…