Nov 05

Annoying Neutered Rant

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I REALLY REALLY FVCKING HATE seetickets. It’s not the booking fee, I know they need to charge a booking fee, it’s the delivery charge THAT DRIVES ME ROUND THE EFFING TWIST. FOUR POUNDS AND SEVENTY ENGLISH PENCE to deliver two tickets and AND they don’t even use royal mail special delivery, they use a courier service that only deliver during the day WHEN I AM AT WORK in order to pay stupid bloody pointless charges that I have no way of avoiding. At least with special delivery you can go an pick it up at a time that suits you, even if it’s a bit of a trek to the post office, and ANYWAY, these are only gig tickets, it’s not like it’s a credit card or anything…

it would be interesting to find out who owns SMS couriers or at least, how much seetickets/wayahead are paying them for each delivery, to find out EXACTLY HOW MUCH we are being scammed…

To make things worse, on the belle & sebastian tickets I bought today, if you sit down you only have to pay £1.75 postage????????????????????

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